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The Ultimate Ionised Water Machine In The World

Kangen Water NZ is your one stop portal to alkaline ionised water machines. Our medically-certified devices are recognised by physicians around the World for their quality and efficacy.

Creating Healthier Households

Change your water, change your life. Water is a fundamental requirement for life and over 70% of the human body is made of water. The intuitive question is – what kind of water are you made of?

Chemical Free Cleaning

Kangen Water NZ devices are more than just sources of hydration – our machines also produce a range of waters with different properties:

After all, what other water device do you know can:

  • Create a chemical-free sanitiser that kills 99.9% of all bacteria?
  • Produce water that can leach toxins and pesticides from your vegetables?
  • Duplicate the property of waters found in healing locations all over the World
  • Generate water that is good for skin and beauty AS A SIDE EFFECT!

High acidic water (pH2.5) provides chemical-free sanitation and has anti-bacterial properties without the need for harsh compounds. High alkaline water (pH11.5) helps you and your loved ones remove oil-based pesticides from fruits and vegetables easily and intuitively.High acidic water (pH2.5) provides chemical-free sanitation and has anti-bacterial properties without the need for harsh compounds. High alkaline water (pH11.5) helps you and your loved ones remove oil-based pesticides from fruits and vegetables easily and intuitively.

An International Network

Our team spans the globe – India, China, Malaysia, Canada, Cuba and beyond. And now, New Zealand and Australia. Getting the right expertise for your locale is crucial. There can be variations in the quality of water that affect the water you are receiving and our breadth of our experience will prove valuable in adapting this device to your home.

Medical Support

Our team of experts includes medical doctors and other health professionals. This allows us to provide validated advice on how best to apply the water to your use-case. We have helped a range of patients suffering from chronic disease apply our Kangen Water NZ machines to their specific condition.

Medical & Commercial Deployment

We have helped hospitals, clinics, restaurant owners and wellness centers around the World install and effectively use a Kangen water system. Kangen Water NZ is dedicated to promoting the BEST practices involving alkaline ionised water while providing the latest on household and commercial hydration in businesses, institutions and organisations in the Oceanic region..

Real Support, Real People

With Kangen Water NZ, we know what it’s like to need support. There are no chat bots, no machine that picks up your call. We are 100% powered by real people. Whatever your needs are, an experienced professional is on the other line.

If you haven’t already seen a demonstration of what alkaline ionised water can do, drop us a message to find a demo near you. Where possible, we encourage you to bring the existing water you are currently drinking – this can be tested live so you can see first hand the quality of various types of water.

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Kangen Water NZ Healing At Home

Our Kangen Water NZ devices are certified as medical devices and made to be used conveniently and easily at home. There are NO expensive servicing contracts – everything is designed to be easy to maintain yourself. In fact, with most taps and faucets, even installation can be done at home by yourself without the need for any plumbing. Simply attach the correct adapter provided with the machine to the tap head and plug the machine in.

This is not a “buy and throw away” device. No one every washes a disposable plastic spoon because that’s just what it is – a disposable spoon. Similarly, our devices are top-notch. The flagship model has a 25 year life expectancy. It is not a toy.

Ask Kangen Water NZ A Question

Do you have a question about our Kangen Water NZ initiative? From installation to application, we have answers for you. Drop us a line and someone will get back to you shortly!


Ask Us A Question!

Kangen Water NZ Frequently Asked Questions

After years of experience in the business of alkaline ionised machines, here are some of the questions our team at Kangen Water NZ get on a regular basis.

There all sorts of machines out there. Some alkaline machines, why is Kangen Water NZ Special?

Firstly, it is important to distinguish between alkaline and ionised water. Alkalinity refers to a chemical property or its pH. It is a measure of how many hydrogen ions in the water. While contributing to the beneficial effects of the water, it is only one facet. Ionisation refers to the electrical potential of the water. This electrical potential is known as ORP or oxidation reduction potential and may be even more important that alkalinity or acidity. So, if a water produces alkaline water but lacks the ORP due to inferior construction or materials, it is substandard. In addition, one has to consider the size of the microclusters of the water as this has a profound impact on how the water is absorbed and how it transfers its benefits.

The next thing to consider is the build quality itself. There are models that produced OEM that are affordable but often short-lived. They also either come with expensive maintenance contracts, or worse, no maintenance at all (as we mentioned earlier, no maintenance refers to the short life span of the device. We don’t wash plastic spoons). The electrolysis process inside the plates also require metal plates – our machines are solid medical grade platinum coated titanium plates. The quality off the plates can be likened to the quality and robustness of an engine in a car – poor engines break down more frequently, require more expensive trips to the workshop and may even be dangerous.

Which machine model would Kangen Water NZ recommend?

It depends on a number of factors including expected use, how many people in your household, the water quality where you live and budget. There can be vast differences between older and newer models and commercial vs household use.

Larger households require more powerful larger engines. Correspondingly smaller households can make do with smaller ones. Harder or dirtier water require stronger machines too. Commercial outlets like restaurants need even larger devices that can produce maximum throughput. In addition, older models can be more difficult to use in comparison with younger models.

For the best advice, we suggest you drop us a message where a consultant will get you shortly – Kangen Water NZ will consider your needs and provide a recommendation.

What maintenance do Kangen Water NZ machines require?

A good machine should have maintenance conducted every month to every few months – this is called e-Cleaning and can be done easily at home. More sophisticated cleaning, is needed once a year or once every few years – this is known as deep cleaning and, while typically done by a technician, can be done at home with by yourself with training.

The flagship model, the SD501 has a 25 year life expectancy and a 5-year international warranty. It is worth restating – Kangen Water NZ machine installation and maintenance of the machine is designed to be easy and accessible. You are getting a certified medical device.





kangen water nz
kangen water nz